Private accommodation in holiday homes on the beach in Tangalle

Tropical Garden offers private accommodation in two holiday homes located in a large garden with a pool. In the Lotus Lodge you will find one double room with balcony and a kitchen, in the Villa Bougainvillea there are two triple rooms, one double room, spacy balcony and a shared kitchen. All rooms have a bathroom with toilet.

You can rent any of the rooms, the whole lodge or the whole villa, or the whole resort for a group of up to 10 (with extra beds for children).  No matter if you are a group of friends, a family, a couple or solo travellers, you will find accommodation for your best convenience.

Tropical Garden neighbourhood

Photo of palm trees and beautiful beach in front of private accommodation in Tropical Garden

Our holiday homes are located in a large tropical garden with a large swimming pool. Take one step out of the gate and you will find yourselves directly on an exquisite and almost deserted Madilla Beach.

We reside in an exceptionally quiet neighbourhood at the very end of a coast road which will take you to the downtown of Tangalle. After a nice walk or a short tuk-tuk ride, you will find there everything you need: from the market, through clothes and gift stores, to banks, ATMs and supermarkets.

In the closest vicinity of Tropical Garden, there are several smaller resorts and restaurants, all of which can be strongly recommended.


E-mail: info@tropicalgarden.cz

Phone: +420 739 333 730


Tropical Garden

Medilla Beach, Tangalle