Explore the Old Town of Galle

Sri Lanka has a long and complicated history. Its colonial period has left an indelible imprint on the face of the old town of Galle.

Galle’s monumental UNESCO-listed fort, the core of the city, was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century and, later, extended by the Dutch. It was during the Dutch colonial rule when the port of Galle became the most important trading crossroads on the island. This and many other landmarks deserving your attention can be found here – from the lighthouse, the clock tower, museums and churches to the original Dutch market.

At present, Galle is a blossoming city regaining its position of a considerable centre of business and education while becoming a popular base for foreigners living permanently in Sri Lanka. This is why there are numerous modern hotels, cafés, restaurants and stores in Galle. Galle is about one hour away from Tropical Garden and you can combine your trip there with bathing at Unawatuna or with a visit of the snake farm.


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