Make a Trip to Mountains: from Tangalle to the Tea Plantations

Emerald green tea plantations, waterfalls dashing down from mountain tops, breathtaking views… Make a trip to mountains and you will see all of this!

Sri Lanka amazes with an incredible diversity of the landscape on an area a bit bigger that the Czech Republic. The town of Ella surrounded by the tea plantations waits for you just two and a half hours’ drive from Tropical Garden. It is good to set out early in the morning to reach the Little Adam’s Peak or Ella Rock before 10AM. Later in the morning, the peaks are veiled by clouds and thus you can´t enjoy the amazing view.

Once you are there, go and see Rawana Falls or Diyaluma Falls. You can also visit a tea factory. Everything about the production of tea, from backbreaking tea picking to export, will be explained to you in detail. Do not miss a ride in the train that winds through rocks and plantations and offers breathtaking scenic beauties.


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