Attractions near Tangalle: Mulkirigala Rock Temple

If you are looking for the best attractions near Tangalle, come and visit the ancient temple called Mulkirigala. It is built on a natural rock towering in the midst of tropical verdure. You will be amazed by the view that will open up to you on the top.

Mulkirigala, or simply the “rock temple” as this Buddhist temple is called by locals, is by no means less attractive than the temple in Dambulla which is more famous and favoured by tourists. The history of Mulkirigala dates back to the third century A.D. The site consists of seven caves of which each comprises a richly decorated shrine. To reach the shrines nestled on rock terraces, you will climb more than 500 stairs. Chaperoned by curious monkeys, you will pass by local worshippers who come to the temple for prayer and meditation. You will be rewarded for your efforts to climb to the top by a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside. From Tropical Garden it takes about 30 minutes by tuktuk.


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