Turtle Watching in Rekawa

Turtles come ashore and lay their eggs on the same beach they hatched. The beach in Rekawa is one of these places and thus is a perfect spot for turtle watching.

You can get there by tuk tuk and it will not take you more than fifteen or twenty minutes, those of you who are in good shape and possessing a more adventurous spirit can walk the whole way from Tropical Garden on the beach. The latter is definitely more romantic, but bear in mind that it will take you at least one and a half or two hours and walking in sand is quite challenging.

Headquartered in Rekawa, the main task of conservationists involved in the Turtle Conservation Project is to collect and protect the laid eggs and by doing that to increase the chances of newly hatched turtles to make their way into the water. The project raises funds partly from turtle watching experience. To watch these majestic species while they lay their eggs is an experience that is worth waiting for.


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