Information for Your Stay in Sri Lanka

Dear guests,

Thank you for choosing Tropical Garden for your holiday. We wish you a very pleasant stay. Our manager Anke will be expecting you (she lives in the neighbouring private house and takes care of our holiday homes), her mobile number is +94 714 335 523

Usual check-in time is between 2 and 8 p.m., check out between 7 and 10 a.m. if not agreed otherwise beforehand with us. Will you please inform Anke about the time before your arrival if you are not coming with our driver.

For your information please see below some recommendations for behaviour in Sri Lanka and information for your stay  in Tropical Garden. You will find more useful information in the FAQ section of our website too. If you are interested in trips and activities in Tangalle and neighboourhood, kindly see the section Things to do.

We wish you a great holiday.                                                      

Tropical Garden Team

Information for Your Stay in Tropical Garden

After arrival please read a detailed list of information and recommendations for your stay in Tropical Garden which you will find in your rooms. Pay special attention to the warning regarding swimming in the ocean – swimming near Tropical Garden is dangerous, sea is very rough and with dangerous undercurrents. However you will find suitable places for swimming in a few minutes walk distance from Tropical Garden. We recommend a safer place at the breakwater, 10-15 min. walk on the beach from the Tropical Garden bungalows, Gayambokka and Pallikaduwa beaches or places at Rekawa rocks (all places reachable by tuk-tuk). There are three swimming pools in nearby resorts. You can find more detailed inforation in the sections Beaches and Swimming Pools and you can always ask Anke for advice.

There are no safe deposit boxes in the rooms. We have never experienced any case of robbery in Tropical Garden, however we would like to make our guests aware that we are not responsible for any loss or damage of their belongings in Tropical Garden.

We would also like to ask our guests for cooperation during the check-out process. Our staff will check the rooms upon departure and inspect the room and its equipment. Before your departure, please give the key back to Anke.

Conduct in Sri Lanka

  • To be allowed to enter temples in Sri Lanka you will be required to wear cloths covering shoulders and knees (applies to men as well).
  • Although Srilankans are used to tourists and their dress style, they will appreciate if you adapt to local style of clothing (longer shorts, skirts, etc.).
  • It is FORBIDDEN to swim without a swimming suit (top less) in Sri Lanka, please respect this rule even in seemingly lonely beaches as well as in Tropical Garden.
  • It is not allowed to smoke in the streets either.
  • Negotiating the price is not as common as in other Asian countries. The prices in shops are usually firm. You can try to bargain in the markets where tourists are asked for higher price than locals. It is advisable to negotiate the price with tuktuk drivers and in tourist centres.
  • 10% service charge for food and accommodation is charged in restaurants and hotels. The fee is rather part of the price than a tip. Unofficial tips are given to staff for service, help with luggage, etc. We do not charge 10% fee in Tropical Garden, if you are satisfied, Tropical Garden staff will be pleased with a tip of course.


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Tropical Garden

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