Activity with Kids near Tangalle: Visit the Birds Park

Are you looking for funny activity with kids near Tangalle? Not only keen bird-watchers will be entranced by the Birds Sanctuary with nearly 200 species of exotic birds. The kids will love feeding the parrots by themselves!

The birds park is close to Hambantota, slightly more than an hour ride from Tropical Garden. With nearly 200 varieties and more than 3000 birds, this is the biggest ZOO of this kind in Asia. Surrender to the joy of strolling in the shade of trees along aviaries with parrots, peacocks, flamingos, waterfowl and ostriches.

Not only kids will be extremely delighted to immerse themselves among the parrots and feed them, or to have a selfie with giant macaw parrots. You will find there a restaurant where you can buy a drink or a snack. It is recommended to combine the trip with a visit to another nearby place of interest, e.g. Mirijjawila botanical garden or Ridiyagama safari park.


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Tropical Garden

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