Dry Zone Botanic Garden

If you are a flora lover, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer to you. Amazing flowers are everywhere and even more so in a Dry Zone Botanic Garden!

Dry Zone Botanical Garden also known as Mirijjawila is the youngest of the five botanical gardens in Sri Lanka. It was opened to the public in 2013 and as the plants there grow it becomes more beautiful from year to year. As suggested by the name, the garden specializes mainly in species typical for the dry zone of Sri Lanka and, therefore, you will find there a collection of impressive cacti, blossoming bougainvillea, greenhouses abounding in jungle plants, including orchids, various species of palm trees and many others. The garden is vast and, to see it all, you will need to rent an electric golf cart with a driver and guide rolled into one. We recommend to combine the trip with a visit to another nearby places of interest, e.g. the Bird Sanctuary or Ridiyagama safari park.


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Tropical Garden

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