Visit Sacred City of Kataragama

Wait until dark to walk through the sacred city of Kataragama. This pilgrimage site of four religions will embrace you with its magic.

Kataragama is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Sri Lanka. It is sacred to Buddhists, Hinduists, Muslims and also indigenous Vedda people. The holy city is composed of a number of richly ornamented shrines of all these religions.

The main road to the giant Kiri Vehera stupa is lined with stalls selling fruit and flowers. They are brought there by pilgrims as offerings. Always dressed in white, local people come together for prayer three times a day. Lighted candles, incense sticks, illuminated stupa and prayers chanted in a low voice bless the place with a divine atmosphere.

If you can, come here on a full moon day (poya). Every full moon is a holiday in Sri Lanka and the most vibrant celebrations can be seen in Kataragama. Kataragama is one and a half hours away from Tropical Garden. You can combine your trip here with a safari trip in the Yala National Park and a tour to the shrine in Kirinda.


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