National Parks close to Tangalle: Udawalawe, Yala and Bundala

Sri Lanka is famous for the national parks which cover a large part of its land area. Three of them are close to Tangalle – Yala, Udawalawe and Bundala

Visitors are allowed to explore all national parks only in a rented off-road car with a driver and, sometimes, also with a guide. The best time to watch animals is either early morning or late afternoon when they come to watering holes. Being very different, each park lends itself to watching different species of animals.

Located one hour away, Bundala is a wetland reserve which is enjoyed mainly by bird lovers. Bundala harbours more than 150 species of birds, including sea eagles and flamingos.

If you wish to watch elephants in their natural habitat, then the best choice is to go to Udawalawe, one and a half hours’ trip from Tropical Garden. On your way back, do not forget to pay a visit to the Elephant Transit Home.

The most distant (approximately two hours by car), yet all the more interesting, is Yala, the second biggest national park in Sri Lanka. It is famous mainly for leopards and bears which, with any luck, can be observed there. It is advisable to combine the trip with a visit to temples in Kataragama.


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